Using wifi streaming and USB transfer simultaneously


I want to write files to this wireless stick from a PC connected via USB and at same time wireless stick is streaming another file to some other device.  Is this use case scenario possible in this product ?



Yes this feature for now is possible when you connect the wireless tick to the pc via usb and then use a ios device to access it wirelessly and access the files with the app. Unfortunatelly it is not working while plugged on the usb port with an android device.

No this is not actually possible. MSC access (USB connected to PC) and wireless access to the storage cannot be simultaneously accessed. If the drive is connected via MSC you will not be able to stream wirelessly from the Wireless stick. 

Hello, what about the opposite of this scenario? I have a projector and would like to watch movies from the projector using the stick via USB and also write to the stick via wifi. Is this possible?

no, you cannot access via USB and wireless at the same time. 

Hi Patacee,

Have you found any solution to this problem? I’m trying to solve the problem of displaying an image (or video) on a TV through the built in usb media player and have it connected to wifi and mapped as a network drive for easy file transfer.

There is seriously nothing on the market for this!!!

This is extremely disappointing. To be able to use USB and wireless at the same time is the reason why I bought this device. Truly disappointing.

Disappointing indeed… exactly the reason I bought this product, I need to access the contents while it is plugged into another device. Would be a solution for the entire company. Technically I can’t think of anything why both types of access shouldn’t be possible at the same time. We already know the product can do both, why force the switch?

it is a limitation of the controller used in the drive. it does not support wifi and MSC simultaneously access to the memory. 

I don’t know much about this. You may refer wifi guide. It might be helpful to you.