New Sansa Clip+ turns on, but in some foreign language

New Sansa Clip+ never gave me the option to choose the region or the language. Subsequently, I tried to manually “reinstall” the latest version of firmware to restart it, but following the instructions has resulted in no improvement. Any suggestions?

If you reinstall the firmware following the instructions in the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of this forum, you should be given an option as to both language and region during the process.  If something happened and you did not, try it again?

Have installed the firmware four times, but the player still comes up in a foreign language. No option to select zone or language. I am at a loss now, because the SanDisk web site basically said this was a last resort.

From the main menu, choose Settings (the equalizer graphic, the box with moving sliders) and click the center button. Next, click up once, then click the center button again. Now click down three times before clicking the center button. This should put you in the Language menu, and English is first on the list.

Thank you! It worked, so I am on the road to recovery. I didn’t want to hassle with Amazon to return the thing. I had an older Clip that lasted many years and never gave me any problems, so I was worried when this new one did not work properly out of the box.

Thank you for the advice on changing the language.

Your instructions were very clear and worked perfectly.

Thank you very much

Thanks ALOT !!!

I couldn’t believe that the solution was actually pretty simple! Thanks for this.

@rhodesv wrote:
I couldn’t believe that the solution was actually pretty simple! Thanks for this.

I can’t believe you responded to a 2 year-old thread, especially since you were not experincing the problem. :confounded: