New Sansa Clip+ that doesn't connect to computers, even set to MSC

My new Sansa Clip+ came fully charged and works well (except that the radio has stopped playing – working on that), except that it doesn’t appear to connect to the computer. I’ve tried it on a Mac (OS X 10.4) and a laptop (Windows XP SP2). Neither the player nor the computer changes when I plug in the USB – no charging,  nothing in My Computer or the Finder, etc., as though no connection has been made.

I have set it to MSC and held down the “power” button for twenty seconds, but nothing has changed. I’ve tried it in different combinations of powering up and shutting down.

I only have WMP 9, but my understanding is that that shouldn’t matter when the player is set for MSC mode, since it should behave like a jump drive; and the charging should still happen; and Macs don’t have WMP in any case.

Is this a hardware problem? What should I do?

(I originally added this to the end of another thread, but thought it might be better on its own.)

Hi there!

Hi there! i had exactly the same problem, and it is a brand new sandisk sansa clip+ player. I bought it from a private seller.

I could not detect or charge the device on my laptop at all; including as a portable device or windows media player version 10. I had tried all the solutions provided in the FAQs given through the submission button.

The laptop im using is an Acer Travelmate 3280, Microsoft XP Professional, Version 2002 Service Pack 3. I had tried using other comupters in my house, which includes a Windows Vista and a Windows XP Professional as well. They could not detect my device as well.

Im a little jittery now. :frowning: im not able to bring my player around for now.

Have you also tried:

– using different USB ports

– using a different USB cable

– a system reset:  with the Clip off, hold the on switch down for 15-20 seconds or more

– setting the Clip’s USB setting to MSC mode

– forcing an MSC connection:  with the Clip off and in the hold state, hold the center button down while connecting the Clip to your computer.

Hopefully, one or the other will work.

THANK YOU.  I worked for hours trying to figure this out, walked through every explaination and step on both Scandisk and Windows and nothing worked. Now let’s see if I can get the rest of it to work.