New Sansa clip 64gb memory card not functioning with a Sansa Clip?

Hey I just bought a 64Gb memory card and its not working with my Clip, is there some software or something I need to get this working as I was looking at putting a lot of my music on there?

No need to double-post an inquiry (and it just can lead to confusion . . .).    :wink:

As noted in the other thread, you need to format the card to FAT32.

You are also very, very likely going to find that if you fill up the card, the Sansa will not display all of the files on the card because its firmware wasn’t made to handle such large cards. It builds a database–an index–from the tags in the files and there is a size limit on that database. You can see if it is maxed out because it won’t show files from the end of the alphabet.

To get full use of your 64MB you should probably install Rockbox, alternate firmware, from But read up on it first at the Rockbox site.

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Without Rockbox the player might also choke on an SDXC card formatted as FAT32, as in general the Sandisk firmware can have issues with cards faster than class 4, and all SDXC and micro SDXC cards are class 10 or faster. Using Rockbox though you should be fine.