64Gb sandisk microSDXC doesn't work in the clip zip?

I bought the 64 Gb Sandisk Ultra microSDXC for my new sansa clip zip. I can put music on the card with the msc usb mode, but nothing shows up in the menus, so I cant get any of the music to play.

I tried the rockbox firmware but it didn’t help.

Can anyone help me with my problem?

Did you re-format the card to FAT32?

its formated to exFAT  windows 8 doesnt let me choose FAT32

is exFAT a problem?

IT was I had to download a speacial program to format it to FAT32. Now it works fine :slight_smile:

Just curious: Are you using Rockbox now, or the original firmware?

I’m asking because my Clip Zips (with FW 1.01.21) don’t like microSCXC cards. Actually they do work with them, but only till I switch them off. After each restart they begin to refresh for about 20 minutes.

If your Zip runs with original firmware: what version?