New player, display artifacts, missing music after reset.


I recently bought a Clip Zip from Newegg as a gift for a family member, within the first day of use the display started showing artifacts on the upper half. This was before any content of any sort was added with the exception of a trial recording make off the integrated raido.

A simple restart fixes the artifact issue but it is recurring which is annoying, that is the least of my problems atm however. Just today (3 days after I had given it as a gift) the player froze and refused to start, again, no content from an external source was added. I was forced to reset the player by holding the power button down for 20 seconds and now all the sameple music and artwork is gone, in it’s place are 3 files with random names (letters and numbers in no legible order). Resetting the player wasn’t susposed to delete any music.

What is going on here? I’m very dissapointed in my purchase to say the least, the Clip Zip was highly recomended as a budget mp3 player in many reviews. I myself own a 3 year old walkman and it’s still good as new.

Thanks for reading.

I would try manually reapplying the latest firmware–see the firmware sticky thread at the top of the forum.  Hopefully, it’s just a software glitch.

If it’s not that, you might try a reformat of the player under its Settings–that often will fix issues.  But it also will erase any user content on the player.

Re-applying the firmware and formatting is the only repair avenues that you, as an end user can do, so if these procedures do not help, by all means return it. It is defective. And no, we have not heard this partiular problem here on the forum before, so you can be confident another one will not have the same issues.

Frankly, my opinion is you should return it right away. You should not have problems like this on a brand new player, and I don’t believe re-applying the firmware or formatting will help it, but it can’t hurt to try.

I’ve never have any return experiences with Newegg, but others have said they are quite responsive. This wasn’t a re-furb, was it?

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Thanks for replying so quickly.

The player was sold as a new unit on Newegg and although it was on sale nowhere did it mention it being a refurbished unit. I researched the purchase thoroughly.

I’ll reformat it and update the firmware as suggested, it couldn’t hurt. If that doesn’t work, it’s under Iron Egg until the last of January.

Please let us know how it goes.

Well I backed up all the data on the player, sample songs were still on the player despite not showing under the music menu. I reformatted it and then installed the firmware update before restoring the data, everything is back to normal. This leads me to question if the problem lies in the SDMC flash card I included with the player. Are there any SDMC brands out there known for their incompatibility or otherwise has issues with the Clip Zip? The SDMC card is a 32GB Team brand.