Broken before first use?

Just took my zip clip out of the packaging and turned it on. It says “Refreshing your media” and the progress bar doesn’t move. I let it sit about 20 minutes, but it’s not doing anything. I can turn it off then boot it up attached to my computer, this makes it accessible, but if I unmount it and disconnect it, it still shows the USB symbol. I have to force it off. When I turn it on again, it goes back to the “refreshing your media”. I’ve tried this many times with no songs on the device, and a couple of times with one mp3.

I tried to boot it into MSC by holding the middle button when connecting it to the computer, but it shows the flower symbol and does nothing else, no matter how long I hold the button. If I release it, it connects in MTP mode and shows the USB connected symbol.

I eventually formatted the partition that it shows, but it didn’t help at all.

I’ve never seen the menu before and don’t think there’s anyway to access it. Is there anything else to try?

Return it. You should not be having problems like this with a unit right out of the box.

Thanks! I’ll give it another shot.

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I did get my replacement unit. Didn’t really give the stock firmware a try (not interested!) but I will say that with rockbox on this hardware and a 64GB sd card is the best thing I’ve ever used.

Encoding my FLAC library in opus and rockbox handles it perfectly, 64kb/s encodes that sound great with 64GB of space… I won’t fill this up anytime soon… Now if it lasts for a while, I’ll be super happy.

Anyway, thanks for the advice! Most satisfied.