Stuck at "Refreshing your media", MP3 couldn't recognized by computer. Been using it for almost 3yrs


So far, this is my favourite one and only MP3. Everything works perfectly fine except for yesterday.

        It happened when i poked a random usb cable into the mp3 to my computer, at first it was abit tight but i forced it. I don’t think anything broke tho, but it fit in just fine after that, but then, it went crazy.

        Basically this happened:

  • At first, start up logo kept on repeating it self. Perform the classic “Hold the power button for 15/30/60 second” tricks.
  • It entered the second stage.
  • Stuck at the “Refreshing your media” screen, also tried the classic tricks, but nope not this time…
  • Googled it, most of the results, recommended using the MP3Tag.
  • BUT NOPE, Computer couldn’t read the MP3 no more, so couldn’t access to the mp3 folder what-so-ever.

So that is the situation i am facing right now, I really appreciate your guidence and help.

  • P/s Drained the mp3 battery by leaving it at the “Refreshing your media” screen hoping it to make any differences, but nope. Also didn’t work