"Refreshing Your Media" is stuck

So I just bought this last night. Charged it today. I’m on a Dell Laptop. I opened up my Windows Media Player, I believe it’s Windows 10 or higher. Anyway, I synced about 20 songs and it is PAIN STAKINGLY taking over an hour just to download that. Is this normal? I tried all the buttons (not smart I know) but I can’t imagine this is how it normally takes right? Because this is a big chunk of time for just 20 songs, and I have not even synced all the songs I want. I even put a 16mb card.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Nevermind, I’m just going to take it back to Best Buy. I seriously dislike having to wait an hour to “Refresh your media” even when I finally got it to work, I deleted all the songs and it’s taking longer. Seriously? it’s EMPTY what the heck is the long wait?

Do I really want to wait this out the next time I sync 1 song? I think not.

and to boot, my Computer isn’t even reading that it’s plugged in anymore.

If you want to tinker some, yet, try reformatting the Clip under its Settings–that should clear everything up to a new, blank slate.  Refreshing generally should not take as long as it’s been taking for you–with a 32GB microSD card installed on an 8GB Clip, my refreshing takes less than 30 minutes (which, of course, still is ridiculous–there should be no refreshing “stall” at all).  And, of course, if you install the alternate Rockbox firmware (available at rockbox.org), there’s no refreshing downtime whatsoever. 

I looked around and then found that when you have the MicroSDcard in your Clip Zip, it will seem like "Refreshing Your Memory " is stuck.  Eject the SD card and it will complete.  Elsewhere, it says when your Clip Zip “freezes” to hold your power on/off button down for about 20 seconds.  Tried that, but what I did works—then you will need to format your SD card for "Refreshing Your Memory " NOT to be stuck.

Get MP3Tag. Go into the options, and set the character encoding to “ISO 8859-1”. Then, resave all your tags.

If that didn’t make sense, do a search on this forum for “MP3Tag”, and you’ll probably find more detailed instructions.

Connected a friends Clip+ 4.5 MP3 to her laptop (no, don’t know it’s specs of laptop off hand), copied 3 files from Clip to her laptop, removed Clip (there was NO EJECT option, just removed the Clip) and now it reads REFRESHING YOUR MEDIA after a good 3/4 of a DAY. When the clip is plugged into her radio/combo to charge, the radio/combo says DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED.

She cannot aford to lose the data on her Clip, nor is she savvy enough to tinker. Please help. TIA.

Try resetting it by holding down the power button. Normally it resets after 20 secs, but I’ve heard of stubborn cases where it took over a minute.

Clip recovered itself without intervention after 13 hours; many thanks for your help.

The Clip gremlins at work again!    :wink: