New Fuze..Error Message HELP PLEASE!

Hello…Just got my first Sansa Fuze 4GB… Plugged it into the USB Port and tryed to install it on my PC. The New Hardware wizard wont install and a message pops up that says an error occurred and the specified service does not exist as an installed service… HELP… is this my computer??  The Fuze turned on and says Connected

Disconnect it from the pc. Use the player’s menu, and change the USB mode to MSC. Reconnect it to your pc.

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The Fuze is shipped with the default setting Auto Detect  under USB Modes.  If your PC is a Windows machine, MTP Mode is available for Windows Media Player 10 and later.  The Fuze may see that you have MTP capability, and will try to connect in this mode.

As JK98  mentioned, you can manually set MSC mode (Mass Storage Class) where the Sansa will be seen as a flash drive, and it will be easier to connect.  This is a good option for a Mac, or if you are running Linux.

On the device (while unplugged), go to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MSC, then try to connect.

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I think switching to MSC mode should allow your computer to see the Fuze as a drive with a drive letter, but if you intend to use it for subscription tracks such as those from Rhapsody you need to connect the Fuze in MTP mode. My guess is the error is probably because you need to upgrade Windows Media Player and you should do that next if you subscribe to a music service.