New firmware--change in locked/unlocked?

I downloaded the new firmware and there seems to be a change in the locked/unlocked feature. Before I think you would press down on play/pause together to lock (equivalent of a hold button) and to unlock you would take two fingers and make a vertical motion with them to unlock. This was a pain as you had to do it exactly the right way. Now I’m not totally sure about how you lock it (maybe same way) but if you try to hit buttons and it’s locked, etc., there’s a pic of a giant lock and the instructions to "press

power button to unlock, hold power button to shut off". I don’t remember that before.

Seem to like it, though when it’s unlocked it’s very sensitive and I’ve had times when I’m listening to an audiobook and it jumps ahead to the next chapter if you touch it even slightly (so maybe this should work out)…is this new>?

oops think I found what I was doing wrong (uncertain on exactly how to lock under new firmware, though had no problem unlocking again). On a diff thread it says:

>>all it takes is a quick tap of the power button about half a sec

I think I was holding it for 3-4 sec or so! Now I know