Fix the lock/unlock function through firmware

I have discovered that the unlock function is too sensitive and unlocks the Fuze +

at the slightest touch or simply riding in my pocket. When a 2 hour podcast gets reset to the beginning

when This happens, it is a nightmare.

The device should be unlocked the same way it is locked. That is press down for three seconds on the pause pad

as you do to lock it. This would make the unlock function foolproof.

Also, can a scan fast forward be somehow implemented?

I agree with this.  This unlock is WAYYYYYY too sensitive.  FIX IT!

The lock/unlock feature should be implemented via the top power button.  I just don’t see any reason why it needs to be as tedious as it is via the play button.  

And this Is one reason why “The RESUME Feature” is not the answer & does not work…

ADD Manual BOOKMARKING to the firmware, sansa overlords…

The version 2.36.03 firmware replaces the pause/play lock function with pressing/holding  the power button for a second. Unlock the same way.