Lock/unlock button?

Would it be possible for them to make a lock/unlock button where you have to hold the button for 2-3 seconds for it to lock/unlock? I keep it in my pocket at work and it kinda defeats the purpose as bumping it causes it to unlock anyway

Possible? Sure, almost anything is possible. Likely? No. As it is, pressing the power button for approx. 1/2 second locks or unlocks the deivce. Pressing it for longer shuts it off.

There’s likely only going to be 1 more firmware update for this model, and changing any of the button press configurations is not on the final to-do list.

This is in response to a very old question, but I discovered (accidentally) that if you press the back arrow and the rewind button at the same time, it will lock or unlock the playback, so it won’t skip ahead if you press a button by accident.  Didn’t find that anywhere in the manual or in any posts online.

Or, simply quickly click the on button to lock/unlock.    :wink: