Any way to lock power button?

I turn my clip jam off by accident pretty frequently.

Apparently holding back to lock the controls doesn’t lock the control where holding the center button for a second turns it off.

Is there any way to increase that timer, or disable it, or make it so that locking the Clip Jam locks the power button too?

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I have had this player for a long time and to this day I can’t understand how it was possible to set the reset function to the largest button, which is also responsible for turning the player on and off, because of this procedure the button lock function is useless, I’m shocked that they have not fixed it yet, especially that you can easily fix it just add the vol+ and vol- buttons to the key lock and reset function for example: to lock the buttons you have to hold down the already assigned button and the vol+ button, and to reset the mp3 player you have to hold down the on/off button and the vol- button… is it so difficult to do?

It really is a baffling decision.