Should the Hold function disable the power button?

I enabled the Hold function on my 8 GB Clip+ by pressing and holding the home button.  However, I was still able to power down the player by pushing the power button.  Is this how it’s supposed to be?  None of the other buttons worked but the power button was still functional while on ‘hold.’  I read through the Sansa pdf manual and searched the forums but couldn’t find anything on this topic.  My apologies if it’s already been addressed.  Thanks.

That’s how mine operates as well.

The power button is the primary key input for the Clip+, so it will always have priority.  This is “hard-wired” into the device.  Note that the power button has to be held for a moment for the power command.

On the e200 series, the primary control is the menu / power switch button, on the Clip (basic) it’s the slider switch contact, as on the Sansa Fuze.

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