locking up

My clip is only a few months old & is locking up - hard to turn on or off. Battery is charged, I tried resetting for 20 sec, no luck. Any ideas? Are these things prone to malfunctioning? Thanks.

Define “locking up”.

pressing the on/off button doesn’t turn it on or off

The on/off button is pretty stiff. If it’s in a skin case or something you may really have to squeeze it down to hold it down.

Look at a watch and hold it down tightly for a full 30 seconds. If you want to listen through headphones you’ll hear a little click some seconds after it goes black. That’s the reset. 

It’s also possible there is something wedged in the button itself. Have you taken a close look? 

Beyond that, a firmware reload often solves inexplicable problems.  The firmware for Clip and Clip + are in the sticky threads at the top of the page. Use the Manual method, not the updater.

No case…this just started…30 sec hold turned it on & now I can’t turn it off. I’ll try the firmware. This happened with an old clip I had & after extensive troubleshooting they sent me a refurbished one.

If the switch has broken then replacement is probably the only solution.

But what if the switch is just obstructed? Do you have a hairdryer that you can just run as a blower without heat? Maybe you could aim that at the switch to see it could blow out any dust or particles that got in there.  Don’t use heat, obviously. 

Thanks I can give it a try. However the switch works sometimes & not others.

@paresh wrote:

No case…this just started…30 sec hold turned it on & now I can’t turn it off.

You need to hold the power button for 30 secs. to reset it while it’s on. It should turn off after only a few seconds, but continue holding the button for the full count.

A momentary press of the power button should turn it on. A press of approx. 2 secs. should turn it off. Any longer than that and you’ll engage the LOCK and have to press it again to UNLOCK it.