Lock button

I do like my Sansa Clip…way better than an iPod, but unless I’ve missed something, there is no lock button? I do find buttons can get pressed if it’s in my pocket of clipped to my jacket.

Clip or Clip+?

(Original) Clip: Sliding power switch on side is also HOLD (or lock) switch. Up to turn on or off. Down to lock.

Clip+: Home/menu button is also HOLD (or lock) button. Press and hold for approx. 2 seconds (unitl you see lock icon) to lock or unlock.

It’s a Clip+ (at least that’s what the mannual says). Howeer if I press the power button and hold it, it just switches the player off.  i have tried holding it in many different displays but each time the music stops.

Perhaps you’re holding the button down too enthusiastically/for too long? :wink: Within a couple of seconds, before the player might shut off, you should see a lock indication on the screen. Perhaps give it another go?

Definitely no lock symbol. Just switches off. And it’s less than 2 seconds, more like 1.

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It’s been a long time since I used it (if ever). It’s not the power button; it’s the _ home/menu _ button on the Clip+ that you press & hold to LOCK it.

(Guess I’ve been spendin’ too much time in the Fuze+ board) :stuck_out_tongue:

(Oops as well!) Here’s the instructions from the manual. And you likewise use the Home button to unlock. http://www.sandisk.com/media/327475/CLIP+_UM_0809_ENG+090309.pdf

That worke.d Ty!