lock button

The Lock feature on the Clip worked when the Clip was turned off and kept it from

turning on in a pocket or bag. The Clip+ only locks when it is on, with a button and

not the slide down switch on the Clip.  Has anyone had a problem with this? I am

concerned that it will eat up battery life by running because I cannot lock it in the off position.

I haven’t found an issue with the Clip+ and hold, and the player’s accidentally turning on.  The Clip+'s on button is harder to press than using the on slide on the original Clip (but not overly so), which I think prevents issue.

Can’t say as I have had any issues with it either.

I have never used the lock/hold feature on the Clip+, either one of mine…I clip it to my T-shirt pocket, so no buttons are accidentally pressed.:wink: