new design of Cruzer no longer allows use of lanyards

I just purchase a new Cruzer USB flash drive.  I was first disappointed to see that a lanyard was not included in the package, because I had received a lanyard with the previous Cruzer I’d purchased.  Then, I was surprised that even though the device has a metal post for a lanyard, it doesn’t have the D-ring for a lanyard to clip onto.  Third, the location of the metal post was moved from the corner of the device (like earlier Cruzer versions) to a location more centered on the end.  I tried 4 different lanyards that I have and none of them would fit through the tiny opening around the lanyard post.  The only lanyard that would work is one that has a smaller cord on one end that threads through that small opening around the post.  None of the lanyards with clips would fit, only the corded one from PNY.  So now I’ll proudly be advertising PNY around my neck while I use my Sandisk flash drive.  I don’t think that’s what Sandisk had in mind when they redesigned the Cruzer.:cry: