lanyard or tether able to attach to the tiny wire loop on Cruzer Fit 32GB

I know this is an off-the-wall question for this forum, but I can’t think of where else to go.  The Cruzer Fit 32GP is TINY, & has a tiny wire loop for attaching to . . . what?  I use it to keep all my teacher files on, so they are not saved on my school laptop.  I do back it up on my iMac at home.  The problem is that I’ve lost it twice already, and got incredibly lucky both times.  

I have attached prior flashdrives to a lanyard, which makes it much easier to keep track of.  I bought the Fit because its compact size avoids the problem that killed the last one - it stuck out a couple of inches, got flexed a few times, and the internal connections evidently broke.  I can get the data recovered for $400 or so.  Not good.  Hence the very compact Fit.  But I have to have a way to attach it to a lanyard or something similar or it WILL get lost.  Sandisk does not seem to sell something that will attach to it, Best Buy and Radio Shack have nothing that will do the job.  Suggestions?

Really!!  You can’t get one of these type lanyards to connect to the drive?

Basic lanyard

You can basically buy it anywhere. Bestbuy would be would. I’m 110% sure that they have this in stock. 

I believe I understand the question, and it’s my question, as well. HOW does one loop the little lanyard threads through the eeeeeeensy teeeeeeensy holes in the SanDisk flash drive? I’ve tried everything.

Thanks for reading!

you feed the loop through the hole then pass the lanyard through the loop creating a slip knot of sorts. 

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Not to be unpleasant, but the first reply is spectacularly unhelpful. It is a mistake to assume people asking simple questions are stupid!

And thus most of the other attempts to be helpful actually do the job, since they are in effect saying “this type of lanyard fits”.

To speak for myself, I have three Cruzerfits.  One I did manage to fit with a lanyard like the one shown, though it was a struggle.  The other two, no - the loop was too small for the fine tie to go through.  I hoped maybe Sandisk would sell something suitable, but tyhey don’t seem to.

Pity, because the danger with these brilliant little keys is that if they don’t spend almost all their time plugged into something, you lose them!

So the question remains, has anyone found something similar that is reasonably easy to fit to these USB keys?

Sorry you think my response 2 yrs ago was not helpful.

People asking simple questions are not stupid but they may be inexperienced, naive, novices, handicapped, in addition to being annoyed, frustrated, angry, scared and insecure.  Then there are ones with attitude.  Hard to write an answer that applies or appeals to everyone. 

Fair enough, I suppose - though I doubt it would have been very difficult to have suggested the lanyard you did in a more pleasant way.  But maybe that’s just me.

And the fact remains that there are three people posting to this thread who have not been able to get the type of lanyard you suggest to fit onto a Cruzerfit, and who have asked for help…  So it may not just be the inexperienced and naive who have the problem.  I’ve been working with PC’s more or less since they were invented, so that certainly isn’t me!

It may simply be that the loop on the Cruzerfit is so small that it often is too small, in which case we just have to live with it. Shame, though.

Well, once upon a time flash drives had holes in them that permitted them to be hooked unto a keychain or keyring.  A popular way to carry flash drives not too many years ago.  Then things changed/improved so they could be carried around the neck like security cards.  The big hole became a small hole.  And unless you were into carrying your id around your neck these small holes not only didn’t fit your needs they didn’t fit anything you knew about.  Thus the need for a picture, to show the new type of lanyards.

But even these new lanyards can prove challenging to some because sometimes the loop material is thicked than a shoe lace imo.  My suggestion is to use a piece of fish line.  Thin, strong, light weight.

“there are three people posting to this thread who have not been able to get the type of lanyard you suggest to fit onto a Cruzerfit,”

The thread is approximately 2 yrs old.  Guess how many Cruzefits have been produced in this period of time.

" I’ve been working with PC’s more or less since they were invented, so that certainly isn’t me!"

Did you ever use a lanyard on a 5 1/4" floppy you booted?  On a 3 1/2" floppy?  How about a CD or a DVD?  And then came 64MB Jump drives.    Yea, I’ve been around a while also.  :wink:

Lanyard with small wrong on the end but the string has to be long using a old Sandisk lanyard from a old drive the.


One with a thin very strong loop that’s long enough .using a old Sandisk one myself.


Coated wire, 24 gauge, made in the US by Darice, available in Canada, used in crafting is small enought to go throught the loop, wind and bind the ends and attach a standard lanyard.  Necessity is the mother of invention!

 Oh Ed, if only we were all know it alls like you.

I have two of those SanDisk drives and also have not even attempted to get a lanyard through that hole. The last picture I see in this thread is not the same drive. The hole pictured is considerably larger.

I thought about it for a minute and think if I was going to do it I would try using a lanyard like the one pictured and thread it through the hole like you would thread a needle … with one of those helpers. Let me know if it works.

needle helper.jpg

I’ve had the same problem… my solution:  push the cord into the “too small” opening; then fish it out the other side with a pin - straight pin, needle, safety pin - whatever pin you have handy.

I think a good lanyard will do.

Don’t use generic because it will easily broke.

Any lanyard is good for the Cruzer since its small and light.

I use a single strand of copper wire from a old cable .

  1. You simply feed the strand through the hole in the usb fit.

2.  Feed the lanyard loop onto the wire

  1. Feed the wire strand back through the hole & pull the lanyard loop into the usb hole.