How to attach Cruzer?

I have a 3 pack of 4GB regular Cruzers from Costco. These regular sized SSD’s used to come with a lanyard with a fine end to attach but these do not–Probably a Costco thing.

Whereas the Mini has the attachment bar on an edge allowing a small key ring to attach these regular SSD’s have the bar situated not on an end and there’s no way (with needle nose pliers) that I can get a ring or fishing swivel to make the radius.

Without the ability to attach ‘something’ to the device it’ll easily get lost. I’ll just have to return the package if someone here doesn’t have a clever idea.


Nearly one year to the day and I’m here with the same problem, Mark.  I expect the same courteous response that you got.

I really don’t understand why Sandisk would not include a 3-cent lanyard.  SanDisk used to come with lanyards, and some lesser manufacturers still include them.   If a budget brand doesn’t come with a lanyard I can understand, but SanDisk is a premium brand.  Seriously, Sandisk went to the trouble of designing the case to accommodate a specific style of lanyard and then went to the expense manufacturing this design including the metal bar to firmly attach said lanyard, a design that makes it nearly impossible to use anything other than this specific style lanyard. 

I know it’s a small issue in the grand scheme, but still here I am looking at the two premium Sandisk flash drives I’ve purchased wondering if it’s worth the waste of my time and the bother of going in search of appropriate lanyards, looking for something that might possibly make a misearable and less secure stand-in for a lanyard, take them both back and exchange for the off-brand, cheaper by a good amount, flash drives with lanyards that were displayed near the checkouts, or just forget securing them and enjoy them until I lose them… in a week or so.

Edit to my estimate above of the bulk cost for lanyards:  30" neck or 6" wrist style flash drive/cell phone lanyards with detachable buckle snaps are 14-cents a piece for bulk orders of 500,000 or more.  I can’t afford to buy half a million of them myself but if we all pool together - anyone interested?

hmmmm You could keep it in the same place you keep your money change.  :wink:

You could make a ring on the Cruzer out of a short piece of fish line or a small plastic cable tie then your lanyard would work.  

Maybe an inexpensive device from would work for you.

Several options.