New Clip never opened for 2 years, Dead when opened

My new Sansa Clip is dead out of the box. 

I invested in two extra Sansa Clip 4GB a few years ago for backups. they have hung on my bulletin board for about two years. I lost one of my regular ones this week and finally opened one of the new ones. Completely dead. won’t even show up on a mac or a PC. Won’t charge on a usb on a pc even when left all day. Opened the 2nd one. Both are dead.

Sansa told me these forums would give me an answer. They all assume your unit is only dead a few days. Not a few years.

I would leave it plugged into a cell phone charger or powered USB port for a couple days and see if it comes back. If the battery deep discharges, it can take a very long time to recover.

^ +1.

Thanks, I plugged it into the wall. You’re the first person who gave me a sensible answer and not some form response. Thanks for actually being able to communicate. Although i have the original packaging for both units, I don’t have a receipt and they probably would not qualify for a warranty. Hope this works.

Hi landmarkal, so how did this ended up for you? I mean, did plugging it in for 2 days fixed this for you? If it’s over 2 years, even if you have the receipt, I think it won’t still be covered since it’s usually around a year only.

Warranty:  1 year U.S., 2 years EU.

Didn’t do a **bleep** bit of good. Its just a dead piece of plastic. I put it back in the box in frustration. thanks for checking up on me

That’s a shame (and worries me because I have a spare one myself). When you connect to the computer, can you see the Clip pop up as drives? There’s always some small possibility that you have a bad cord that’s not charging it.

Same cord I download my cannon rebel with. Plus we’re talking about two of these I’ve had for backup, unopened until this month. I guess the moral of the story is don’t buy a Sansa Clilp until you really need one. We had some extra money donated and thought we should invest while we had the funds. bad move. 

No nothing ever showed up on the computer drive, nor did the unit light up. Its dead. 

To leave nothing untried: How about a 30 second reset? Preferably connected to a charger or computer.