Clip is totally dead...

For some reason my 2GB Clip won’t accept a charge. It’s been charging for 3 hours now, and whenever I take the USB cable out, it dies instantly. It’s recognized by the computer when I plug it in, but it just isn’t charging. Help?

How old is it?

It just might be that the battery is dead.

Anyone know the lifespan of the battery?

Too bad you can’t replace it…

I replaced my iPod’s myself.

I don’t think it’s even a year old yet.


I’m glad I omly paid $49 for my 8G…a year isn’t long.

I replaced my iPod’s twice…it’s 8 years old…battery was only $15 from

The battery failing after only 1 year isn’t typical.

Try resetting it. Hold the power switch in the up (“on” ) position for 20 seconds and release it. Then try turning it on again.

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What is the typical battry life of a Clip?

Anyone know?

This solved the problem for me thank you! It was driving me nuts