New 960 GB Ultra2 for Win 10 upgrade - it's complicated!

Hello, all!

(By the way, I’m not grumpy… yet!)  Nearly 5 years ago, I bought my fightsim PC pre-built to my specs with an ASUS P8-P67M-Pro motherboard, a 240 GB Corsair SSD and a 600 GB Western Digital Velociraptor for storage.

Because the SSD space was tight, I put Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) on it, along with all my software.  This included my flight simulators as well as a considerable amount of engineering software.  I then carefully migrated as much of the user “hives” to the spinning drive (D:) and it has worked quite well.

But now it’s time for Windows 10 while it’s still “free”.  So I just bought this spiffy new 960 GB Ultra II.  And I’m 5 years older.  And I forget how I did the hive move.  And I’m wondering how to get this bad boy into my computer, recognized, partitioned, formated, etc and end up with a working Windows 10 install.  Do I clone my exiting Windows 7 installation 1st?  Have I shot myself square in the foot with that hive move thing?  (I only have about 8 GB left on the SSD, I’m always watching for “sludge” buildup!)

I should make it clear that this is not just a link pointing from the c:\users\<name>\my documents to d:\users…  My app data and everything went.  I was quite chuffed with myself and now I forget!  Ahh, to be 55 again!

I am kinda surprised that Sandisk doesn’t provide a migration utility, the fellow at Best Buy said e thought they would and tell him if they don’t.

(Final disclaimer - I searched the forum first to see if anyone else had this one.  and yes, I’ve seen the PDF about cloneing under support.  I just thought a friendly word might be more helpful, especially with my “cuistomization” of my Win7 install).

Thanks to any & all who can help,


Hi Tom,

You can try to use a cloning software to clone the entire old drive into your new Ultra II. 

Any cloning software of your choice can be used, we currently recommend Apricorn EzGig, if you download our SSD dashboard software you can get a link under ‘tools’ and get a one time use free of charge. (other software you find online may be free or may incur a cost)

My suggestion to you is to clone your Win7 to the new drive then upgrade to Win 10 from the new drive, if you want to fresh install win 10 on the new drive you would need to install the application again on the new drive