Transfer Win8.1 to SSD

I have installed a SANDisk SSD in me ASUS computer and want to transfer the OS (Win8.1) to the SSD from the existing hard drive. I have cloned the C: drive to the SSD but cannot get the computer to boot from the SSD.

What do I need to do?

Cheers in advance


SanDisk provides one time use cloning program Apricorn EZ GIG which can help you to clone the operating system(Win 8.1) from HDD to new SanDisk SSD.

Steps to start the clone:

  1. Download and install SanDisk SSD Dashboard from the link:

  1. Launch SSD Dashboard

  2. Click on Tools tab

  3. Click on Drive Cloning(Apricorn EZ GIG), at the bottom.

or download Apricorn EZ GIG from the link:

Note: SanDisk SSD should be connected via USB to clone the OS from HDD to new SSD. You can use a SATA to USB adapter or USB enclosure to connect the SSD via USB.

I have similar issue.

Just bought 480GB Ultra II SSD and I am going to transfer whole content from my HDD. I already made a clone disc using Apricorn EZ GIG, than I inserter SSD into my HP laptop. Unfortunatelly, computer doesn’t boot. Just after turning computer on an error screen appears - device is not connected or can not be recognised. For sure I plugged the cable in correctly. 

Any ideas what went wrong and how to fix it?