netlibrary files on M230

I am using Windows XP, Windows Media Player 11. M230’s firmware version is 1.3.0A.

I downloaded a file from netlibrary. I was able to play it with Windows Media Player. However, I cannot put it on M230 as a message says “the device does not support synchronization of subscription content.”.

M230 shows that it is MTP mode. However, I do not see portable devices in device manager. Probably Windows XP still thinks it is a storage device and I do see a new driver after I connect M230. I do not know where the problem comes from. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Have you tried to upgrade the firmware?

The one I have is the latest firmware.

I learned from’s forum that it works with Media Player 10. Then I rolled the version back to 10. It did work. I do not understand why WMP 11 is a problem for me. Many people seem using WMP 11.