Does Windows 2000 work with an m230?

I bought a refurbished Sansa m230 on  It came without a disk.  I can’t seem to find any drivers for it on the web.  I tried to run the update for the firmware and got stuck.  Is this because my computer runs Windows 2000?

Thanks for any help.


As mentioned earlier, if you are a Macintosh enthusiast or if you’re running an older version of Windows, you’re out of luck. I found this out the hard way. Despite it not being written anywhere on the exterior packaging, this mp3 player is only compatible with Windows XP, and my laptop runs Windows 2000. Luckily I can use it on my desktop. Also, many of the subscriber download songs don’t work. I have a few songs downloaded from the Walmart site that the m230 won’t play. However, if you convert the songs to .wav format and back to .mp3 format, then they will play. It does support Microsoft PlaysForSure Downloads

The player can work on a Macintosh

Goto Settings, Then USB, and change it to MSC.  As stated, the player only supports .WMA and .MP3 files.  No itunes music is supported.

Well I’m a newbie here but I just got a refurbished M230 and am still figuring it out, however I am using Windows 2000, and have already copied and played several albums. It seems to work with Windows 2000 as a player, but I can’t confirm that it will update the firmware. Now if I can just get the “unknown” title to go away…:dizzy_face:

SanFran, you need to edit the tags on the music files.