Help with a subscription music service

Hi everyone!

I own a m250 mp3 player and would like to use the spiralfrog music service with it. However I cannot sync the files to my mp3 player. Spiralfrog offers music in a wma drm’d format. The files are in my music library in WMP11, but when I attempt to sync them, WMP11 say that my mp3 player doesn’t support subscription music. I read on the forums that I should be able to. My Mp3 player is set to mtp mode, and, a while back I had to format the mp3 player, and it is set to fat-32.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?


Hi everyone,

I did more research, and found that my computer wasn’t recognizing my mp3 player as a mtp device. So now my question is, how do I tell my computer it is an mtp device?

Thanks you! 

i  have sandisk sansa m240 player but i can not download mp3 songs in my player so how can i do it?