need the previous firmware...(recordings do not show up until media is refreshed)

I don’t record voice or radio often, and it has been quite a few months and probably an update ago that it worked fine.

With the current firmware update when I record something it doesn’t show up until I refresh my media. Since I have a few thouand tunes on my microsd card it takes a few minutes and a real pain if I want to check my recording.

I had this problem before on a previous firmware update…but I beleive it was fixed in a later update…and returned with the last one…I’m not sure…

Maybe I should back up to the previous firmware update…anyone give me a link?

Copy and paste the link for the All Regions update into your browser. Then change the version number, which is pretty obvious in the link,  back to a previous version and you’ll have a link.

But I don’t think it’s going to help. Changing the contents of the card means you have to refresh. I don’t use MTP mode, but I believe it refreshes in the background, while MSC mode does it more obviously when you start up. Could you have switched modes? (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode).