Need help - new user and new 8GB Sansa Clip

My brand new Sansa seems to be frozen or ?? I plugged it in and it came on and I was trying to check the settings to do the upgrade and now it won’t turn on. It doesn’t even appear in My Computer (it had previously). I only bought this this morning and I desperately need it for tomorrow. Can I do something or do I have to take it back?

Thanks for no help!!

Sorry that you didn’t hear back, but perhaps others missed your post.

Did you do a search here/read posts from others with similar circumstances?

Did you try a soft re-set (on switch in uppermost position for 15-20 seconds)?

Did you call SanDisk Customer Service, to get immediate assistance?

How can I help when I don’t have an answer or solution?

Thank you. That fixed the problem. I’m a senior citizen and trying to learn how to use this thing. :cry:

Great that it worked and thanks for letting us know.  Sometimes people are just not sure of an issue and answer and so may not post possible solutions.