Need help: Clip sometimes doesn't play & sometimes skips 3+ minutes into track before playing

Sometimes when I turn on my player, it shows that the file is playing (“play” symbol) and the time is at all zeroes, but it’s not doing anything (like it’s frozen). If push pause/play again, nothing happens. I have to turn it off and back on again, and then it works. But then I have to find my place (as it’s not saved any longer).

Also, sometimes when you turn it (when you have already selected a file to play from earlier on, to start at the beginning), but when your turn it on, it’s sudden already 3+ minutes into the file (instead of being at the beginning).

This has just started happening. I’ve had the Clip since December with no incidents prior to this.

I am presently running firmware version 01.01.20a (and have been for months, with no problems until now). I didn’t want to update to the newest firmware because I didn’t like some of the things I was reading about it (and don’t use many of the new features).


1. Why would this suddenly start happening?

2. Would updating to the newest firmware fix the problem?

3. Could the Clip actually be “broken”? (I have a year warranty from Best Buy, so it can’t go back for an exchange.)

4. Would reformatting it and reinstalling the firmware fix the issue?

4a. If I do reformat and reinstall the firmware, and want to keep 01.01.20a (or even if I update to the newest version), do I need to install the older firmware first (1.01.18) then 01.01.20a?

Any help is appreciated – thanks! I love my Clip! (If I can get it working right again, that is… :slight_smile: )

Can anybody help me out with this? Thanks!

I havent heard of that problem before your case… (im not a sansa guru either)… but you should definitely try an upgrade to the latest firmware…

Im guessing you dont need to have the previous version to go to the latest… anyway, trying it wont damage your clip

try the .29 version… is the safest choice…

If this does not help… then you can take it back to best buy as a broken clip… they should exchange it for another one…

If worse comes to worse, in the U.S., the Clip has a 1 year warranty from SanDisk, and SanDisk comes through.