Clip won't play songs anymore


Despite some Errors regarding non-recognition from various pcs even in different USB-Modes (fixed for me), i am using the 8 GB since half a year without problems.

Recently a large problem occured. I can use the player normally for a few days, then he does’nt play the saved songs anymore. I can browsw through the folders and pick songs normally. When i try to start one the time remains at 0:00, play or pause. I even formatted the player 2 or 3 times. The problem persists to comes back, usually after a few hearing sessions.

I use the lates 2.01.32 firmware.

Any suggestions?

My guess would be corrupted song files. Use ChkDsk to find & fix them.

Yep, this wiped all my files and I can use it again. Of course, just formatting it will do the same.  Either way, the player is unusable until you can hook it to a computer again.  This happens to me about every month since I bought the thing.  Wish they would fix it.  I bought 3 of these before I found out about the issue.  If its not fixed soon, I’ll just sell them off and avoid this brand from now on.