Need help adding a custom playlist to the SlotRadio

I was hoping someone could help me create a playlist which would show up as a station on my SlotRadio.  I am using my own microSDHC card and can play songs when arranged in six folders on the root level of the memory card.  However, if a add more than 6 folders (and add music to them) they do not show up as a station I can play.  I was hoping to circumvent this problem by putting the music in one of the six working folders but then adding a playlist.  I found the information below on the SanDisk support center.  I have followed the directions exactly and then tried putting the resulting m3u file on both the root directory as well as within the folder which contains the music.  Neither way works, the playlist never shows up as a station.  Where do I put the m3u file?  Can you have more than six folders/playlists?  Is there any documentation available?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

From SanDisk Support Center

      How do I create playlist on a microSD/microSDHC card for my slotRadio player?

  1. Insert the microSD or microSDHC card into the slotRadio player’s card slot.
  2. Connect the slotRadio player to a PC.
  3. Double-click My Computer.
  4. Double-click on the Removable Disk drive letter associated with your slotRadio player.
  5. Right-click inside the Removable Disk window and select New > Text Document.
  6. Rename the txt document to have an m3u file extension (example: test.m3u).
  7. Open the m3u file with notepad, or a text editor.
  8. Make the first line says #EXTM3U.
  9. Press ENTER a few times.
  10. Start listing your music files (with extension), separated by a new line.
  11. Exit the text editor and save the m3u file after you are finished.
  12. Alternatively, you can put the slotradio™ card into a card reader that is connected to your PC and do the same.

Hello MDFalco,

Unfortunately the FAQ you are referring to was prematurely released. In the current firmware release the slotRadio Player does not support user created playlists. It is possible that playlist support will be added in a future firmware release at which time an easier playlist creation process will be posted. The FAQ quoted in your message has been removed and we apologize for the inconvenience.  

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as a work around you can create a folder and name it what ever you want your playlist name to be. then copy the music you want in the playlist to that folder. next rename the files in the order you want them to play. for the file you want to play first rename the files with 01 in front of the file name, for second 02 in front of the file name and so on. this should allow you to play the files in any order you choose.

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