Playlists on slotRadio cards

Here’s a quote from a ‘slotRadio To Go Player’ page on ‘shop sandisk’: “Includes 7 Handcrafted Playlists - 1,000 songs are pre-arranged into 7 handcrafted playlists to fit your style or mood.”

How were those playlists “handcrafted”, I wonder (are they m3u playlists, or what). If the player recognizes playlists, I’d like to utilize that feature.

I’d also like to know if the “To Go” player is different in any way from the slotMusic player (other than having a different colored plastic cover).


I just chatted with technical assistance, and they informed me that the slotMusic player cannot play slotRadio cards, while the slotRadio To Go player can (even though they look the same).

They also told me in essence that the format of the “handcrafted playlist” on the slotRadio cards is a secret!  That means people can’t create their own playlists on a microSD card (unless they guess how it works).

Whatever, I’m not buying one then.