slotRadio FAQ's


1. What is a slotRadio™ player?

slotRadio™ cards and player introduce an easier way to enjoy your favorite music. 1,000 full-length songs from the Billboard® charts, hand selected and packaged into unique playlists are ready to play right out of the box. No downloads, no computers, no work involved. Just pop the tiny slotRadio card into the slotRadio player and enjoy.

The slotRadio™ player is a small, stylish, portable music device that comes bundled with a slotRadio™ Mix card preloaded with 1,000 songs featuring artists from the Billboard® charts, and professionally arranged into a variety of genre-themed playlists. Additional 1,000 song, genre-specific slotRadio cards are sold separately. 

The die-cast aluminum player also features a 1.5" OLED screen for viewing artist and song information, a FM radio and even an integrated, handy belt clip for hands-free listening.

2. What is a slotRadio™ card?

slotRadio cards are preloaded with 1,000 songs featuring hundreds of handpicked artists from the Billboard® charts. From Country to Rock and everything in between, there’s a slotRadio card to match your mood or activity. Like FM radio experience, the slotRadio player’s songs are played in sequence and cannot be rewound or rearranged.  You can skip individual songs as many times as you like, or switch between playlists with the touch of a button. The preloaded playlists and songs are in a read-only protected area of the card so you’ll never lose the content. There is also a user area on the card where you can store up to one album’s worth of your own files.

3. How do I operate the slotRadio player?

Charging your slotRadio™ player
1. Plug the smaller end of the supplied microUSB cable to the slotRadio player.
2. Plug the larger end of the microUSB cable to the USB-AC adapter.
3. Plug the USB-AC adapter into an outlet.

- You can also charge the slotRadio player by connecting the larger end of the microUSB cable to a PC.
- If the battery has fully drained from your slotRadio player, be sure to switch the player to OFF while it is charging.
- After a minute of charging in OFF position, the slotRadio player may be switched to PLAY while it is charging.

Listening to slotRadio™ cards

1. Insert a slotRadio card into the player’s card slot.
2. Slide the switch to PLAY.
3. Press the arrow keys to change the playlist/channel.
4. Press the + or – keys to adjust the volume.
5. Press the skip button to move to the next song. - Press-and-hold the skip button to pause; press the skip button again to resume.

Listening to FM

1. Slide the switch to FM.
2. Press the arrows to find your favorite radio station.
3. Press-and-hold the arrows to seek.
4. Press-and-hold the side button to save new preset.
5. Press the side button once to move to the next preset.

Adding your own content to a slotRadio™ card

1. Insert the slotRadio card into the player’s card slot.
2. Connect the slotRadio player to your PC using a USB cable.
3. Drag-and-drop music files from your PC to the Removable Disk associated with your slotRadio player.
4. Alternatively, you can put the slotRadio card into a card reader, connect the card reader to your PC and transfer your music to the card.

4. Can the slotRadio™ player read microSDHC™ cards?

Yes, in addition to slotRadio cards, the slotRadio Player can read both microSD™ and microSDHC™ cards.

5. How do I update the slotRadio™ player’s firmware?

You can update the firmware by using the Sansa® Firmware Updater or by dragging and dropping the firmware files to a microSD/microSDHC card. Future slotRadio cards may have firmware updates on the card and the slotRadio player will auto-update itself the first time the card is inserted. 

6. How do I check the firmware version on my slotRadio™ player?

To check the firmware version on the slotRadio player, slide the switch on the player to either FM or PLAY mode, then simultaneously press-and-hold the Volume Down (-) and Skip buttons for approximately 2 seconds. The firmware version will appear on the screen.

7. Will I lose all the preloaded songs when I format the slotRadio™ card?

slotRadio cards include preloaded playlists and songs are stored in a protected area on the card, you will not lose the content when you format the card.

8. Can I add more songs to the slotRadio™ card?

Yes, you can add more songs to the user area on slotRadio cards, up to one album’s worth.

9. How do I charge the slotRadio™ player?

The slotRadio player comes with a non-replaceable rechargeable battery.  A fully charged battery will last up to 13 hours*.  You can charge it by using the supplied microUSB cable connected to either a PC or the USB-AC adapter. Both the charging cable and AC adapter come with the slotRadio player.
*Based on continuous audio playback of slotRadio card content; battery life and performance may vary depending upon usage and settings; battery not replaceable.

10. How do I reset the slotRadio™ player?

Slide the switch to the OFF position, wait a few of seconds, and then slide the switch to FM or PLAY.

11.  How do I playback the previous song?

The slotRadio™ player does not allow playing back the previous song.

12.  How do I add preset FM radio stations on my slotRadio™ player?

a) Slide the switch to FM.
b) Press the arrows to find your favorite station.
c) Press-and-hold the Side button to add new preset.

13.  How do I listen to the music I copied to my slotRadio™ card?

a) Slide the switch to PLAY.
b) Press the Right Arrow button until you see MyChannel.
c) The music should start playing.  To skip to the next song, press the Skip button.

For more FAQ’s visit the SanDisk’s Sansa Knowledgebase

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