How to creat playlists for your micro sd card

1. Put player in mtp mode.

2. Connect player to pc and load music files on card.

3. Go to music folder on micro sd card, right click on a folder in music you want to add to a playlist. Choose create playlist.

4. Right click on new playlist and rename.

5. Double click on playlist and open. Drag to side.

6. Open the folders in music file and drag and drop the songs you want to playlist. The playlist will allow to put them in any order  you want and will allow you to delete songs. Remember there is a 400 song limit with any playlist.

7. When your list is completed hit okay.

8. Move the playlist to the music folder in your internal memory, not the playlist folder.

9. Unplug and allow player to refresh. You’re good to go.

10. Sometimes it drags whole folders to the playlists. I did not check to see if they would work that way.

11. If you miss a song on the playlist you will have to delete it and try again. I tried to transfer it back to the sd card but there was nothing left on the playlist when I did that.

I’m new to the Sansa ClipZIp (but have owned several others including a ClipPlus), and have spent about 4 hours reading various threads on playlists for ClipZip. Appears to be a royal mess. All sorts of contradictory info between users and experienced hands and Sansa itself apparently, as well as some snippy retorts. I think I’m with those who don’t understand why such a fundamental “feature” has been allowed to be such a mess for so long (or for that matter … at all).

That said Nemesis443… in your recipe (kind of you to write it up, BTW) this newbie needs more precision (sorry). In step #2 for instance, do you mean one must put all of their music tracks ONLY on the external card i.e. it cannnot be on both internal and external? In step#3 it appears to me you’re implying the music folder won’t just have tracks in it - it will have folders, as well. Is that right?  If so, why? I don’t want to add “folders” of music to a playlist … I want to add specific individual tracks. The OS in this ClipZip must be really wierd and/or have a heck of a lot of patches of the code. Why in the world would you create a playlist externally, then move it  to internal? Why not just create it there in the first place?

Sorry, but I have no understanding at all of why this might work; perhaps because you haven’t had your data “reorganized” yet … you’ve only charged the player? And I note (only) one person said it did work, while sansa and others seems to be saying playlists (at least for music spanning external card memory,as well as internal memory, are a recognized “issue” ( a “bug” in my language).

Why, Sansa, provide and tout the ability to add inexpensive storage via an external card, then have users discover they just lost  a primary function of their music player (that is  PLAYLISTS)?  Please Sansa   FIX THE  PLAYLIST!    Then work on the stop watch, etc.  I doubt your market is largely made up of stopwatch users.

I will now descend from my soapbox, and hope the bug is fixed ASAP, and the community is so advised immediately.  

Playlist with Clip Zip simple.

Upgrade Firmware to 01.01.20p (important)

Plug the Clip Zip in MSC Mode.

Take Winamp v2

Drag the Folder with Musicfiles in the Winamp Window.

SD Card Music Path

F:\Music\Elton John - Best of

Drag “Elton John - Best of” Folder in Winamp

Save Playlst to SD-Card F:\Music\Elton.m3u

Give you

#EXTINF:280,Elton John - Amazes Me
Elton John - Best of\Elton John - Amazes Me.mp3
#EXTINF:294,Elton John - Believe
Elton John - Best of\Elton John - Believe.mp3
#EXTINF:247,Elton John - Blessed
Elton John - Best of\Elton John - Blessed.mp3
#EXTINF:262,Elton John - Blue Avenue
Elton John - Best of\Elton John - Blue Avenue.mp3

Unplugg, Database Refresh Work. Similar Tracks in Music Folder.

Internal Music Folder and SD-Card Music Folder must separately. 

You’re trying to read in things that were not said. I filled up my internal memory before I tried to put anything on the external card, including playlists. You’re trying to put the playlists for the external card on the internal memory, of course you don’t move the songs also. You want to set up playlists that work. I set up the playlists to play specific songs on the external card to play them in the order I want in the groupings I want. The playlists for my external card are still on the internal memory and they still work.

Im store External Playlist to the Music Folder on the Card.

Im store Internal Playlist to the Music Folder on the Internal Player.

No Mix both in m3u

I used Windoew Media Player to sync the music and the playlists for the music on the internal memory. One big problem I found I had was that you have to transfer the playlists for the external card all at the same time. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. This means you will have dedicate some time to creating the playlists so that  you can transfer them all at once.