my zip clip freezes?

 my zip clip freezes when i choose a song, i can turn it off if i hold down the power button

it used to freeze on the flower logo

i have reset the system

i just upated the firmware

Check your ID3 tags. Unreadable tags (by the player) is the most common cause of freezing or hang-ups when starting up or playing tracks.

Thanks for the reply…hate to sound totally ignorant, but what are ID3 tags and how do I check them if I can’t turn the device on?

Try a search on “ID3 tags” using the search button at the upper right–it’s been discussed many times here.  Or, just look it up in Wikipedia.

As to how to deal with the player now, if it will fully start up for you when you turn it on, you might try Formatting it under Settings, to wipe out the user data in the player and clean things up–note that this will delete your data.  If the player won’t start up, can you connect to your computer, right click on the Clip drive, and the Format using the computer’s operating system (Windows, etc.)?