my XP doesnt recognize my M200

I don’t understand why this problem isnt even listed in the FAQ…

I connect my m200 to the usb, it only make a usb sound… and the m200 shows “usb connected MTP”

that’s it. I dont see the drive in my pc… what do i do? is there some driver i need to install???

@davidg wrote:

I dont see the drive in my pc… what do i do? is there some driver i need to install???

Change the USB to MSC in the Setup on the player.
You don´t need any drivers under XP.

ok, now its recognize, but it doesnt show the mp3 files that are already on it,

it only shows folders named audible and record that are empty, and some mtable, res_info, sys_conf, and version.sdk files,

although it says that 300mb out of 1 GB are in use…

In what folder did you move the mp3 files ?
Did you create a new one ?
Did you set the folder options to “Show invisible folders” or how that is called ?
In which USB mode did you move the files onto your player for the first time ? In MTP or MSC ?


I have the same problem, im in MSC and i tried the option of viewing the hidden folders, but still i can’t see the songs on the device. The first time i use the device i put all the songs in a folder called something like “For music files” or something like that, and now i can’t find it. The folder was already on the deveice, i did not create it…

Would appreciate any help,


Can you listen to your mp3 files via the player ?
If so the files must be on your device.
If not just forget it, create a new folder “music” (it´s important to create a new folder!), put the files from your PC to the m240, that´s it.

Yeah, the files are on the thing, but i can’t really access them anymore, i can’t erase them or move them, they are just taking up space there… This is really wierd, i bought the thing to be easy to use, but this is just giving me headache after headache… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help anyways…