my sansa lip sport is not working

i got my new clip soprt a few month ago . it is great ! but after last sunday my clip sport go in to problem 
.first of all i can’t turn it on and charge either 
.second it is glitching everytime i plug the charge on ( after two day from i can’t turn it on )
.third even i make it turn on by the charge it go in to dead immediately 
.forth it is stuck wtih the logo on the screen everytime i plug the charge on now 
i hope you guy can help me on it and thank you 


Getting stuck during bootup might mean a problem with some files on the player being corrupt, or the database is corrupt. The first thing to try is removing the card in the player if there is one. Insert or remove the card only when the player is off. See if it starts okay without the card. If not, and you can get it to connect with your pc, I suggest that you format the player using your pc, which will delete all the files on the player. I assume you already have copies of all the files on the player already on your pc. See if the player will start without any files on it. Before copying the files to your player again, format the player again, this time using the player menu. See if you have the latest firmware on your player. If not then update it, and then copy the files to the player again.