My sansa is not detected on my Pc

Hi my sansa 1gb musicplayer is not detected on my pc (with winxp sp2), what could be the reason and tell me if any driver is needed for update …


you may need to install a newer version of Windows Media Player.

Check this URL for help with your problem, it’s located in Sandisk Support for the Sansa Clip

If the firmware on your Clip allows you to change the Settings for USB mode (FW 01.01.20 and 01.01.29 for sure), try setting it to MSC and then connecting to your computer.  If this Setting is not available on your Clip then put the Clip in hold (orange showing on power switch), press and hold the center button ( don’t let go ), and plug the Clip into your computer while continuing to hold the center button until your computer says it has detected your Clip.  This will allow you to charge your Clip, update the firmware to 01.01.29 (after the battery is charged), and drag and drop MP3/WMA/OGG music files to your Clip.

If you plan to use Rhapsody or other DRM-protected files from sites like OverDrive or NetLibrary, you’ll want to get to the point where you can connect in MTP mode but this requires that you run Windows.  This may involve updating your Windows Media Player (as rickm1350 mentions) or other components of Windows.

Hope this helps.