My Sansa Fuze+ won't turn on

I kept trying to view one of my videos, and it turned off and wou’dn’t turn back on. It had a full battery, but I plugged it into the computer anyway. On the mp3 screen it said full battery but on the the computer it said Critically low. It’s been charging for the majority of the day now, and I unplugged it and it still would not turn on.

I already tried resetting it, and connecting it to a different port, but neither of those options helped. Any suggestions? 

You could try leaving it plugged in for a while. If the battery is simply dead, keeping it plugged in would revive it.

Even is it was charged before, it may have glitched out when shutting down, and got stuck. Rather than actually powering off, it may have just turned the screen off, froze up, and continued using power until eventually the battery died. That’s happened to me, although it’s never been frozen long enough to be completely dead.

Make sure you have done the reset prodecure correctly. It normally will reset after 20-30 secs, but there have been extreme cases where a minute was required. Remember, after holding the power button down for the suggested time, release it then press it again momentarily to start it up.