my sansa fuze + wont turn on i tried holdin the power button for 1 min. what do i do?

Sometimes, the Fuze+ can play possum for a while.

Press and hold the power button again for at least 30 seconds, then plug it in to the USB port for a while. It’s possible that the battery may be at the “critical low” level. Leave it plugged in for a while, and see if it springs to life.

The device will suddenly light up the display with the USB connected icon. Give it some time and see what happens.

Bob  :wink:

Bob – tried that. . . but didn’t work.  Any other ideas?

RMA it with SanDisk if it’s still under warranty.

This is my 2nd Fuze+ and I am very unhappy.  The first player would not sync properly to Rhapsody and was returned about 3 weeks ago under warranty.  I received the 2nd player yesterday and immediately placed it on the charger as well as downloading the latest firmware (success only this time but later, not so much).  The player was on the charger well over 5 hours and when checked, would still not come to life, totally black screen.  I can clearly see a connection between the Fuze and my computer and the battery life appeared to be fully charged. I put the player back on the charger, having activated the MSC mode as stated in other parts of this forum, and let it charge overnight.  Again, this morning, no response when removed from my PC.  Added to my woes was this morning when I again opted to redownload the firmware from your website.  All 3 times tried, installation failed and advised to come back at a later time.  This has NEVER happened before.  Just tried a fourth time, same response.  I have now attached the USB cable and player to my husband’s computer (which clearly shows a connection as well) and will leave it overnight…  If there continues to be a black screen tomorrow morning, I will be asking for another replacement.  Regardless of how long I press the power button, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute – there is no response whatsoever.

This is a blessing in disguise.  Get a refund, and go get a different player.  If you’re frustrated with the Fuze+ and you  have not been able to use it, yet, you don’t want to see how really frustrating it can be to use with the extremely poor touchpad control.  IMHO, if you want to stick to inexpensive, get a Clip Zip, if you are OK with spending more than probably a Cowon or Sony would be a good choice.  I am partial against Sony because, unless they have changed, their players do not allow memory expansion.