Player won't turn on

My Sansa Fuze+ won’t turn on with any sort of buttons held down. I tried the bottom volume buton thing with no luck. I can plug the cord into the player, and it just does an endless loop of the sansa welcome screen and then loading, then cutting out and starting again. I can hold down the bottom volume button and have the cord in, and access all my files in MSC mode on the computer, but otherwise no luck with turning the player on.

Return it?

I also have a **bleep**ty cable, so I constantly have to find the ‘magic bend spot’ in the cord when charging and copying music. :frowning:

It now charges for a while, battery with a little bit of red in it and Charging… underneath, then goes to Loading screen for a couple of seconds and shuts off, looping through that forever. Dang :frowning:

if you see the red battery screen the battery is very low. it sounds like your cable may be causeing the problem. you can pick a new one up at any electronics store. it uses micro USB cable. 

I recently purchase a unit that had this problem.  The on/off button was stuck down.   I could easily tell because I had 4 other units.  I return this unit and got another.  Try the next one before leaving the parting lot.  When I purchased unit #6  and tried it in the parking lot it also had issues.  I could only see a large battery.  I found 2 bad units in one day.

the large battery showing a little red is not a bad unit. it just needs to be charged.