My sansa fuze will not turn on,was trying to put videos on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really dont understand what happend,i had finally figured out how to put videos on it from the sansa video converter thing,and i was all happy, and then i was watching a video on it,and stopped and plugged it back in and nothing happened. itried resetting it and i tried plugging it back in but no use!!! my computer doesnt even say its plugged in! someone please help me.

Message Edited by xxxmarinaxx on 02-25-2009 08:53 AM

Might just be stuck. You said you tried resetting it? What is the status of it now? On or off? Maybe you just didn’t allow enough time for it to reset. I’d slide the power switch up and hold it for a good 30 seconds, then release it. Now, release and then slide it up again momentarily to see if it will power up normally.


 Thank you for your advice of holding the power button up for 30 seconds. I thought my mp3 player was dead as it would not turn on. Following your instructions, it started working. :slight_smile: Thanks, again!