My sansa doesn´t turn on

    I have  a sansa express it was working proprerly but suddenly it turn off and doesn´t turns on any more when i connect it to the usb port charges but in the tree computers that i have tried doesn´t recognize it whith the utylity it recognize´s like two separeted disks if anyone can help me!!!  !-)

It is showing two disks because one is the device itself and the other is the card slot on it.  Are you plugged into the back of the pc?  Try connecting it to each of the rear usb ports.

Try this:

Unplug your device from PC after charges
Remove the microSD from your device
Do a soft reset (pressing both the square button & volume (+) button at the same time)
Then press the menu button to try to turn on the device again to see if it works

If your device only turns on up to SanDisk logo and turned off, try this microSD trick

  1. Get any SanDisk microSD (any capacity)
  2. Plug in your device
  3. Now plug them in your PC & wait for it to show up in your computer
  4. Unplug from PC & your computer should be able to work again

Hope this can help