My Sandisk Sansa Clip won't change from Music On menu.

I got my Clip a while ago, Right around March. I’ve had no problems aside from forgetting to charge it. Today, I had to reset it after finding a horrifying blue screen (thought it was the blue screen of death) but I managed to get it working. I turned it on and it was playing music, and I managed to pause it and turn it off. I uploaded some songs like usual, and turned it on again. After uploading it’s library I tried to select the music and put it on shuffle, but it won’t select. I can use any of the keys to change anything aside from the power button and the volume. I have no idea what to do. What could cause this problem, and how do I fix it???

Did you inadvertently put the player into its Lock mode?  If so, unlock it.

Hi Lexi. Just press the Power/Lock button until an “Unlocked” message. You should be good to go after that.