My Sandisk Card replacement Experience

Hello guys, new here. First time post. I had a micro SD 64GB sandisk card which developed read write issues after a year.

I contacted sandisk, they told me to send the card back so they can replace it. Since I was not able to delete any data from the memory card, I was advised to cut the card in half and send it to them. I complied. I cut the card into half which turned out to be two 1/2 inch tiny pieces. Put it in a letter enveloped. Sealed it tightly and sent it.

A few days ago I received an email from Sandisk claiming that they received the mail but the envelope was empty and they also stated that there were no holes in the envelope. I mean how is this possible? I checked when I put the tiny card pieces in there and they were there.

Seems to me like someone at their warehouse didn’t check closely enough. Now Sandisk claims they will no longer provide a replacement because the mail was empty. Did anyone have this issue in the past? I am super dissatisfied! 


I too had the same problem with loss of data on the faulty 32g Ultra Card-card just failed in my phone while on holiday. It was too costly to try and retreive the data, so I just parcelled the card up as instructed in the e-mail from Sandisc.No word to cut my card up…They have now received this and are in the process of returning the new one.

The corresponence between me and the agent was very good,so I would suggest that you send another e-mail or try the On-Line Chat.