SD Scam???

I have noticed what seems to be a data gathering Scam.

This is the 3rd time my SD card is becoming read only with all my data, then SanDisk gladly replaces it. Requiring me to send my card with all my data on.

Why do they need the locked card when they know this is an issue with their cards?


Speak on it.

Why do they need the defective card back? To prevent anyone from simply calling in, saying they have a defective card (when in fact they don’t have a defective card, or for that matter may not even have a card at all) and receiving a new, free memory card (or drive). Now THAT would be a scam that no company is going to tolerate.

I know others have explained that there is personal/secure data on their cards and the SanDisk representatives have authorized them to physically break the card, rendering it impossible to retrieve anything from it before sending it back.

I have asked about breaking card i was told that would void the warranty and i wil not get a replacement back.

SanDisk should look into local retail partners to verify defective cards, destroy them and approve RMA, that wil be the better solution.