My new Sansa Clip+ 8GB will not recognize content I put on a microSD card.

Can anyone help me?

One of the reasons I purchased this model was the ability to use external storage.  That was the main selling point for me.  I have put content on my external microSD card.  I can read/play that content on both my desktop and laptop PC’s - but my Clip+ insists that the card is empty.

There are no further details/instructions in the manual - so I assumed it was just drag-n-drop.  How do I put content on my microSD card that my Clip+ will recognize?

I have just spent nearly three hours in an on-line chat session trying to get this problem resolved.  This amount of time is unreasonable and unacceptable.  The problem was obvious from the very start…  I should never have purchsed a Sandisk product and I deeply regret doing so…

BTW, I am still in this chat session - and we are still not done…

This is far too long.  Customers need to know about this.

It’s simple drag-n-drop to the microSD card as well.  If you’re having an issue with the card, a reformat of the card might help.

Where are you looking for the content?  Did you try under the Folders listing, at the bottom of the Music category?

We are finally done.  The total time to get an RMA for my defective player was almost four hours…  Consider this before you purchase any Sandisk product.

Thank you for trying.  That is how I expected it to work - but it simply would not work.  My Clip+ was obviously defective - and it should never hav taken that long for SanDisk tech support to reach that conclusion or approve an RMA.  This whole experience is just unbelievable.

Frustrating? Absolutely.

Isolated to only SanDisk products? Hardly.

Incredible perseverance–kudos to you! 

Incredible perseverance–kudos to you!

And this proves what happens to me everytime I use online chat and then vow never again:  chat just doesn’t work as well as a phone call to Customer Support–it can be a severe time-suck for even the simplest of things.

That is such a shame…

I didn’t have a choice - they kept testing and re-testing and re-testing again over and over and over…

At work I use chat whenever available for tech support because it is usually much faster than a phone call - expecially when the problem is so obvious - such as it was in this case.  I can see no good reason for that support session to take as long as it did.  I can see no good reason to keep repeated certain tests over and over again.  If after the third time of doing the same test the problem still persists, you have the answer you need and should be moving on to the next step.

My replacement 8GB Clip+ arrived from Sandisk today - and it works!!!

Great to hear–the perseverance paid off!  (Me, I spent 3 hours with Microsoft tech. support today …)