My music Folder, Audiobook Folder etc dissapeared after restoring my sandisk clip

I’m not sure what went wrong but a few months ago I plugged my Sandisk into my laptop as usual to load more audiobooks onto it but the sandisk shut down and wouldn’t turn back on. I researched what do to on this site and managed to restore my Sandisk. It deleted all the files which is okay because I still had most of them on my laptop. The problem ever since is that on my computer I can only ever see an option for internal memory so I had to load all my music and audio books into internal memory. There is no longer any options to seperate them into music and audiobooks. This is very annoying if I am listening to music on random as it will cut into an audiobook. It is also difficult to find my audiobook files when I want to listen to them. The folders still appear as they did before on my Sandisk but once I plug it into my laptop the only option I have to upload more files is internal memory. I have created a folder in internal memory called audiobook but all the files still appear on my Sandisk under music. Very annoying, pleae help.

try reloading the FW and see if that helps.